New Noise

by Small Town Get Up

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Our sophomore album release, hope you enjoy it!


released June 24, 2014

Nick Arseneau, Brennen Robinson, & Small Town Get Up

Big props to our producer, recording engineer, and friend, Matt Drake.



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Small Town Get Up Ontario

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Track Name: Homecoming
News just hit home, they're gonna take these streets.
They've won the war, they're coming home.
Someone's screaming, it echoes out of key,
Such words to chill the flesh and bone.
They've won the war today, washed blood from their backs.
Weathered faces bear the scars, but not the pain.


You're coming home for the first time,
You'll take me home for the night.
You're coming home for a lifetime,
You'll take me home for the night.

Flight just touched down, ground beneath my feet.
A new season's change is in the air.
A hundred years ago, arms were cast away.
That feeling's captured here today.
Break out the guns today, there's blood in the tracks.
Faded faces bear the scars, but not the pain.
Track Name: Found A Reason
Remember all the times we fought, after you never cared.
Even though you were the one that taught.
You, the one who never shared.
Always trying to reason with you is such a bad idea.

Yesterday, morning news.
Today I'll read the paper.
Today I'll read the paper.

I'll achieve what is right for me. Still you think I'm insane.
Can't you see that I write for thee. Grasp that picture in frame.

I found a reason (x3)
Way to forget you
Track Name: Take The Night
Sleepless nights will fly by,
Some I won't remember.
When we were once young we'd
Make this last forever.

Life lights up this city,
Fills the midnight hour,
Through 'till daylight will break
Up the office tower.


Drain your glass, we'll burn the midnight oil.
We'll take this city,

Let's take tonight! (Let's take tonight)
Let's take tonight! (Let's take tonight)
We'll take tonight, for ourselves.

Thousand eyes above us,
This one I'll remember.
When the daylight comes we
Swore this would last forever.


Carry my woes to the ocean,
Cast them out to the sea.
I will not need them anymore,
I will not need them
Track Name: Day I Die
Tell me, when was the last time
You remember feeling something new?
A fresh sight for weary eyes.
Time's got the best of us,
The past is fading, and there's no turning back,
So we'll take the best path we can find.

I won't stop when the sun goes out,
I won't let me life just pass me by.
I won't give up when the sun goes out,
I won't give up 'till the day I die.

I remember days of past,
Like foggy shadows on the skyline.
I know I've been there once before,
Now I stare straight ahead,
A quickened pace is hard to hold
When life's a daily wage of war.


Last night I had the strangest dream, I dreamt
I held you in my arms again, but now I know
There's never gonna be another night like that again.
Track Name: Forget Me Not
On the shore this morning,
Can't believe my eyes.
Saw a million bottles,
Washed up on the tide.

Filled with messages, the last words of,
Those dead from long ago.
The stories they had written of
passed on the things they know.

Forget me not beneath the waves,
Forget me not on bitter days.
For your freedom we have fought, forget me not, forget me not.

On the shore this morning,
Can't believe my eyes.
Rusted gears and wheels,
The war machine's demise.
Track Name: Nothing To Say
I'm stuck, I'm trapped inside a mental state, it's true.
Now we're both older than the words that I had given you,
I watched them fade, watched them melt like snow,
run off your cheeks, they're frozen tonight.

You left your hair wrapped 'round my head, but not tonight.

All the words we used to say
Have nothing to say no more. x2

Four stops by train, take me somewhere you won't go.
Past the places where, the words that we once made still linger.
Names carved in vain, wrapped in coarse old bark
Will fade away, They're gone tonight.

You left your hair wrapped 'round my head,

All the words we used to say
Have nothing to say no more x3
You left your hair wrapped 'round my head

Woah (there's nothing to say)
Track Name: Don't Tell Me
Well, let me tell you 'bout the life I see in you,
I see something self-absorbed,
Something scared and old.

And though you drink and roll the dice,
You use that bottle as a vice,
The whiskey is a knife inside you.

Just hold on to...

Oh, don't tell me where to go,
Don't tell me what you know,
You know it's something I'll find on my own.

Oh, don't tell me what to be,
Don't tell me what you see,
You know I'll find out on my own.

So as you go and live your life,
Did you ever stop to think?
Did you ever put the drink down for a day?

Look what you've got,
A loving wife, two kids, and a home they came from.
So what's the home you gave them
Track Name: Say Lenore
She said she don't care
She said she just don't care, About what I do.
As she walks I stare.
She noticed I'm there. And I smile at you.

Say Lenore, you can't ignore.
Say Lenore, don't cut the cord.

It came without a sound.
A moment I have found without you here.
And now my new sun.
When you're gone, goodbye my dear.

And now it's all come back to me,
I see your face inside my dreams.
The song you hum haunts in my sleep.
Take me to places never seen,
we'll run like kids and scrape our knees.
So long my love please press repeat.